Eco Fashion And Ikebana Show 2017

>>  6/21/2017

The Sakhalin Art Museum, the main art space in the city, has turned to the blooming garden for 3 days in May 2017.

You know that I am a part of the local Ikebana community. We float from one exibition space to the other to bring more beauty to the world. This time the Ikebana community celebrated the 15th anniversary of Ikebana Sogetsu school in our city.

People who follow my blog might remember that I live on the island called Sakhalin. It is in the Far East of Russia and very close to Hokkaido. We are historicaly tied to the japanese culture here. So Ikeana floral art organically came to our life.

sogetsu floor installation
"Spring Catchers" ikebana installation

For this big event I created a floor instalation which I called "Spring Catchers" with using the north bamboo, spring plants and flowers. The painting on the wall is a part of the installation.

Preparing the material and creating the fans of the north bamboo in the workshop

The painting and the plants

Specially for the event I have created a dress of the flower packing materials to show up in the Eco Fashion Defile (here is the link for Eco Fashion 2011). Thanks to the model Angelina for making the look.

eco fashion dress 2017

eco dress
Eco Fashion models

Watch the video from the Show and Eco Fashion Defile:

Oh that's me trying on the dress while making it:

I hope you will like our eco friendly designs

eco friendly dresses

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