"Four Seasons. Frozen Moment" Exhibition Dec 2014 - Jan 2015

>>  12/29/2014

I have really great news, my friends. WE HAVE DONE IT! My friend Marina and me are having a personal exhibition at Sakhalin Art Museum this month.

Four Seasons. Frozen Moment.

This exhibition is a result of the partnership with a painter and a crafting person and my friend Marina Puzik. Four seasons are reflected with the paintings and installations made of various natural materials. The exhibition opened on December 23, 2014 and will last till January 26, 2015.

I presented long term fruit and vegetable installations and soap carving artworks. Some fruit details will be changed during the exposition time. I am going to surprise visitors with the variability of the display.

Here are the photos of the opening. Just would like to notice that none of trees was killed, we collected broken wood after a hurricane.

In the next articles I will share the soap carving pictures.

"In Anticipation Of Spring", watermelon carving

I make a speach

Marina makes a speach

"Autumn", pumpkins

from the left:  me, Tatiana a museum person, Marina and her daughter
"Winter. Morning Of The Year"

Visitors and friends

Valentina, Ikebana person, makes a speach




Together with my students

Soap Carving


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Kathleen Richardson February 7, 2015 at 3:00 PM  

Selena, what a wonderful exhibit. Congratulations to you and Marina Puzik on a job well done.

fifa-munzen February 10, 2015 at 10:28 PM  

Hier sind die Fotos der Öffnung. Nur möchte feststellen, dass keiner der Bäume getötet wurde, sammelten wir Bruchholz nach einem Hurrikan.


FIFA Münzen

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