Halloween Treat: Alien's Skull, Owl, Candy Corn Flower, Finger Cookies

>>  10/28/2014

Breakfast with a witch

Are you curious to know what a city witch has for a breakfast? Then you are invited to my home.

Today I have some fingers and aliens to treat you my dears. And a cool refreshing green potion.

Welcome to my kitchen. You will learn a super-easy method of cookie's decorating that you can use for making Halloween treats.
On the pictures you see ginger cookies in the shape of fingers (do you like the nail style?) and green alien's skulls.

breakfast with a witch
Breakfast with the a witch.

halloween cookie decoration
Witch's fingers with green nail style

halloween treat 2014
Grinning green aliens

green potion
A green potion I drink to stay young and beautiful

Halloween cookie decorating

I used a ginger cookie recipe to make the Halloween cookies as on the pictures. This time I designed  aliens, candy corn flowers, owl, mushroom, pumpkin and evil hearts.
What makes the cookies look bright is the glaze icing of yelk.

halloween treats 2014
Aliens and Halloween candy corn flowers

corn halloween treat
Halloween candy corn flower cookies
Glaze icing recipe:

You need 1 egg. Separate the yellow yelk from the white yelk. We need the yellow part.
Add few drops of food coloring into the yellow yelk and mix well.
If you need glaze icing in more colors just divide the yelk in several plates.

yelk coloring
Add few drops of food coloring into the yellow yelk and mix well

 How to make Alien's Skull cookie

1. Use the cookie cutter to cut a round detail.
2.  Cut off the details as shown in the picture #2 to shape a skull.
3. Use the small details to make eyes and grin.
4. Prepare the yelk glaze icing.
5. With a finger or a brush, apply the glaze icing on to the skull.
6. Place the eyes and grin on to the skull as shown in the picture #6.
Bake the cookies for 7-10 minutes at 180*C.

how to make skull cookie

How to make Corn Flower

1. Use the flower cookie cutters, a big and a small one, to cut out the flowers.
2. Cut the small flower in 6 pieces.
3. Place the small details as shown in the picture #3.
4. Paint the flower in yellow and orange with the glaze icing. Bake the cookies for 7-10 minutes at 180*C. The white center is applied to the baked cookie and it the white yelk whipped with sugar powder.

corn halloween treat
 More Halloween cookie's designs
Owl, mushroom, evil heart and pumpkin cookies made with cookie cutters and painted with the glaze icing.

halloween pumpkin cookie, owl cookie
Cookies before being baked

how to decorate halloween cookie
Little owl cookie

owl, pumpkin, mushroom halloween cookies
Baked cookies


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