Carving Art Exhibition 2013

>>  12/10/2013

In the end of November my sudio took a part in a big food event. Within Sakhalin Food Show-2013 we had a fruit carving exhibition, there my students and I presented our art.

At the food show we met colleaugues from Carving Academy (Moscow).

I am happy to share with you pictures of my team and our works.

carving art exhibition
Our flower corner

fruit carving bouquet
Watermelon. melon and pumpkin, work of mine

fruit carving art
Vegetable carving bouquet arranged in my Ikebana vase,
work of mine

our team sakhalin island
My team and a person from Carving Academy

watermelon carving bouquet
Watermelon carving, made by my Irina, a student of mine

Bell pepper bouquet, made by Olga, my student and client

Me, Olga and Claudia

Pumpkin vase, made by Olga, my other student

Vegetable bouquet in a pumpkin vase, made by Claudia.

Olga (author of the pumpkin vase) posing for the local news page

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Kathleen Richardson December 11, 2013 at 4:41 PM  

Selena, looking at the art your students created, I conclude that you are an excellent teacher.

Radhika December 14, 2013 at 4:37 AM  

excellent art by your students Selena..your techniques are wonderful..

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