Sea Theme Wedding Party, Olympia Park, August 2009

>>  9/04/2009

Wedding Fruit Buffet With Sea Themed Fruit Sculptures

It was a signifacnt day for Igor and Yana, a young couple whose wedding party was arranged in a marine style. The recieption hall was decorated with baloon figures in shape of octopus, shrimps and seahorses. The wedding flower bouquets were arranged in vases with sand and seashells. 

My job was to decorate a buffet table with fruit carving arrangements picturing underwater world. We decided on making the following fruit sculptures and platters as a watermelon sailing boat, coral reef and a melon shell with tropical fish.

The sailing boat was filled with watermelon balls.

watermelon boat carving basket

The melon shell was displayed at the head table. It's a melon basket in shape of sea shell with treasure  inside and underwater inhabitants around as exotic fish, coral and weed.

melon seashell basket

Fish sculptures, hydranth, starfish, weed and corals made form fruits and vegetables.

On a bar desk we placed chocolate fountain. Each plate was decorated with a sea themed sculpture as crabs, fishes and corals.

sea theme fruit decoration and figures

Apart from my edible crafts there was a wonderful baked sailing boat made of dough.

ship made of dough

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