Golden 50. Watermelon Carving Display For 50th Anniversary

>>  11/30/2013

golden 50 fruit display
'Golden 50' fruit carving display

The fruit display is made for 50 years anniversary. The inscription in watermelon says 'Golden 50'.

This is a 3rd fruit display I make for one client, a girl with the Apple Cats.
The 'Golden 50' fruit platter was for her uncle's birthday.

I tryed a new color combination, it's orange, carrot, yellow bell pepper and beet-root.
Hope, this design will become popular. I like it very much.

The most popular design in November 2013 was the "Australian" fruit plate. I carved it 4 times for different clients, with different inscriptions.

fruit carving with oranges
Beautiful yellow and orange color combination

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Radhika December 1, 2013 at 9:43 PM  

nice color combo Selena beautiful display.. :)

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