Penguin Family. Fruit and Vegetable Carving Demo at Christmas Crafts Exhibition.

>>  12/17/2011

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There is hot time before Christmas and New Year. I have public carving demonstrations and classes every week. Today I'd like to share some pictures from a live demo I made at Christmas Crafts Exhibition. 

There were many handmade crafts presented at the exhibitions. They were jewelry, toys, new year decorations and handmade trees, scrabbooking cards and boxes, candy bouquets and crafts made with natural materials. Some artists showed a piblic demonstration on their arts as making patchwork, 3D origami, scrabbooking, quilling and fruit carving (of course :)

A theme of my class was making fruit and vegetable toys. My idea was to show how to turn an usual vegetable into a character of a fairy world to display at your Christmas and New Year family party for making a special atmosphere.

We had a couple of green marrow squashes and carrots to make a cute little penguin. I made a penguin for a sample and then enthusiastic visitors made theirs. At the end we got a penguin family. Each penguin has got an uniqe image.

Penguin Family made with vegetables
(click photo for a closer look)

Penguins living their own life.
Let them have fun at your table among your Christmas dishes ))

Penguin Daughter (my work) and Penguin Papa (made by a visitor)
I asked people to think on an accessory for penguins. Papa got a hat.

Penguin Junior goes sled riding.
Junior is made by a 6 years old boy with a help of his mom.
Young Penguin has got a delicious icicle. Made by a visitor.
Visitors and participants

While the carving demo

During the exhibition time I was talking to people, answering questions about carving tools and making edible crafts. I also presented new russian books about carving.
For my work and classes I use carving tools made by Triangle company (Germany).  

More works form the exhibition

Flowers carved in apple and a rabbit made with oranges

Apple garnishes carved with tools

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