How To Carve And Color Flowers of Vegetables. Carnation and Orchid Flowers

>>  11/09/2013

This small carving bouquet  in the photo is made with materials, which left after the "Australian" fruit display.
It's a simple bouquet arranged in martini glass, with carnation and orchid flowers carved of daikon radish. 

Today's post is about carving and coloring vegetable flowers.

How to color vegetable carving flowers

Liquid food colorings are perfect for carving needs. 10-15 drops are enough to 300 ml of water.
Add more coloring drops when you want to have your flowers brighter.

In 10 minutes remove your flowers on to a paper towel. Let them dry for a while (about 10 minutes).

You are done. Now you can use the colored flowers for arranging a display.

how to carve and color flowers of vegetable
How to color flowers carved of vegetables

Simple technique of carving Orchids of vegetables

In my fruit carving job I use this quick technique to make branches of orchid flowers named Phalaenopsis. 

You will need:
a piece of daikon
a radish

1. Peel daikon and cut sides in angle to a point. 
2. Carve a simple flower as shown in the picture.
3. Correct  petals with a knife.
4. Color the flower in green.
5. Carve a rose of radish and pick together the green flower and the rose with a toothpick.

how to carve orghid of daikon

how to carve orchid of daikon
Simple method of carving orchid of vegetable

use liquid food coloring
Color flowers of dailon in green

I like arranging these simple flowers in branches of orchids:

vegetable and fruit carving ikebana
branches of orchid flowers arranged in an edible ikebana

How to carve carnation of vegetable.
Alternative method

I know two methods of carving carnation flower of vegetables. 

A famous one can be learned by watching the tutorial Thai Vegetable and Fruit Carving Book and VCD Multimedia, Original from Thailand

The other method of carving carnation was demonstrated by Thai chef, Mr.Chat Kunsri, at Carving Contest 2011 in Tokyo. The Chef did the flower in watermelon. See the pictures from his demo How To Carve Carnation In Watermelon

vegetable flowers carving instruction
Carnation of daikon, carved by the Chef's method, and colored after.

vegetable carving tutorial
Colored flowers in a fruit carving arrangement

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Radhika November 10, 2013 at 5:27 AM  

Awesome techniques Selena.. love them.. Thanks for sharing ..

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