Fruit Carving Display For Pink-And-White Wedding

>>  11/24/2013

fruit carving display for wedding
Hearts and love signs at watermelon

When I work on a carving display I think how it will fit the whole decoration of the event.

At our first meeting with a client I always ask about the idea of a head table decor. I consider any details, a cake, fabric color, a wedding bouquet. And then I can suggest a proper design of fruit display.

This time I worked on Pink-and-White wedding. When I came to the event hall and saw all the beauty I got amazed. My fruit display fit perfectly the head table dressing!

By the way, what do you think of my new roses with wavy petals, carved of beet-root with Kom-Kom knife? I am going to use them for a carving exhibition that we are having at the end of November.

As for the watermelon design, a bride asked to carve some more hearts or signs, or something that could explain their feelings. I suggested to carve these male and female signs. The girl said 'Wow, great, perfect, I love it!'

Just wanted to share this story with you to show how I work :))

small and big U-cutters for the apple carving
Kom-Kom thai knife for the beet-root and daikon roses
Thai knife for the watermelon carving

beautiful flowers carved of vegetable for wedding bouquet
Beet-root roses wit wavy petals, apple carving and pinl daikon roses

wedding head table decoration with fruits
the head table decoration for the Pink-and-White wedding

how to decorate wedding with fabrics
the head table decoration

2 коммент. :

Radhika November 24, 2013 at 7:04 AM  

WoooooooooW !!! Its Amazing no words it soooo much..wavy petal roses are awesome..

Selena Ze Arteest November 30, 2013 at 5:30 AM  

Radhika, many thanks. This design is sexy and still romantic

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