Beach Theme Wedding

>>  7/12/2013

It's Friday today and the Beach Theme Wedding out here!

Beach theme or sea theme is inspiring for a fruit carving artist. So many fruit crafts and designs can be done. Sea creatures, ships, fish, exotic birds, melon bungalow, melon shell basket, Hawaiian Luau theme, pumpkin lanterns with a romantic pattern (dear readers, let's do a brain storm, please continiue the list with your ideas in the comment bar!).

Since there are no exotic fruits here in Sakhalin even papaya and mango is a rare fruit here, I had to use simple products like carrot, radish, melon and watermelon. I decided to pay attantion to details to make the guests feel  like they are on the beach. I also had a task to fit the client's budget.

Before carrying out this project I sent a drawing with my comments on the design to my clients for their approval. Their answer was Yes we want it!!!

Beach Theme Wedding Project

Melon turtle. A turtle is a symbol of long life and wisdom. It's a mascot for welfare and prosperity. 

Fruit carving topiary on bamboo stands. The stands are not a real bamboo, they are immitation made of a local material, north bamboo, 3 meter high plant which is widely grow on Sakhalin island. Its botanical name is  Polygonum sachalinense. I like to use it for my crafts.

Carrot shell. The shells are carved out of carrot.

fruit carving arrangement
The Beach Theme fruit carving display

wedding buffet fruit carving
Watermelon carving details and exotic flower out of kiwi and apple

beach theme melon carving
Melon turtle with carrot head and legs

beach theme wedding fruit buffet
Carrot flowers and grape bouquet on the bamboo stand

radish carving flowers
Radish flowers and grape bouquet on the bamboo imitated stand 

carrot carving shell for beach theme fruit carving display
Carrot shell and the north bamboo stand bound up with rafia

watermelon carving display for beach theme wedding
Head table decoration, Beach theme wedding

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