Cute Cat Sculpture Of Oranges

>>  7/27/2013

cat sculpture with fruits
Orange Cat Fruit Sculpture

A Cute Cat Sculpture of Oranges was designed by me for a gift fruit tray to be sent to a little girl.

Someone may say the cat looks spooky, it is more a gangsta cat than a cute one. OK :) This orange cat still looks great on the fruit tray.

You don't need a special carving tools kit to make this orange sculpture. A small pairing knife and toothpicks will do the job.

Two oranges and a grape were used for the Cute Gangsta Cat.

make the orange cat sculpture
Who can resist trying the Cute Gangsta Cat of oranges? 

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Drew (anabeL) ,  July 27, 2013 at 7:48 PM  

It's so cute! I admire your work

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