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>>  7/05/2013

Do you want to do fruit carving for living but you don't know what to start with?

Do you think to turn your hobby into interesting and creative job and wonder how much money you can earn?

In this post I introduce books, which help you to start fuit carving business. These books answer most of the questions you may have on the field. 

This is e-book (downloadable file) guiding you to fruit bouquet business. This guide covers major questions about fruit business and can be used in fruit carving business too. The e-book gives clear instructions on the basics of arranging fruit bouquets, on getting started in the business, advertising and selling fruit creations.

You will learn about the following:

  • what tools, supplies and equipment you wil need
  • how to make fruit bouquets, how to wrap them and deliver
  • what cerificates you will need
  • start-up costs and expected incomes
  • how to culculate a right price for fruit bouquets
  • how to administrate your fruit business
  • how to find clients and promote your business
  • how to sell fruit bouquets online and offline

Time to time I look through this guide.

A practical and friendly guide to running your own creative servce business.

Prestom Bailey, the author and a famouse florist and event planner form New York with 30 years experience in the event industry, shares his thoughts about making creative business. Preston answers different and sometimes difficult questions about our artistic job:

  • Am I good enough to make a creative business
  • How to cope with low self-worth and envy to your succesful colleauges
  • How to put a price on your creativity
  • How to find new clients
  • How to make your clients say "WOW"
  • How to deal with difficult clients
  • How to cope with stress and rejection from clients
  • How do not lose business to cheap competitors
  • How to survive 'slow time' in your business
  • How to pick your first employee
  • How to present your creative business and what you offer

No secret that artistic people take things emotionally. When you meet difficulties in your creative job don't think you are the only person who faced a specific problem. After reading the book I got that no matter where you live, in a big city like New York or in a remote Russian island, human nature is the same everywhere. Preston gives advices which really work. I myself passed through the situations he writes about. Now I understand I did my way right.

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