Flower Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Meeting carving friends.

>>  2/14/2013

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city and an ancient capital located in the north, a motherland of all kind of carving in Thailand (wood, stone, fruit and vegetable carving art and other)
I came to the city to meet my carving friends Karla (a president of TempleofThai.com) and Khun Narata (a carving artist and teacher). TempleofThai was a sponsor of the Fall Carving Contest 2012. My trip was a perfect occasion to meet the people in person.

I was lucky to get Chiang Mai at the day of Flower Festival. It was a Flower Parade with orchestra, costumed people and big flower sculptures moving the city streets. Apart from flowers we noticed vegetable carving flowers and watermelons.

flower sculptures thailand flower festival
Dragons made of flowers are the copies of dragon sculptures in Thai temples 

chiangmai travel flower festival 2013
flower sculptures

flower festival thailand travel 2013 chiang mai
A Thai girl sits between flower sculptures.
We noticed vegetable flower bouquets  there!

vegetable carving flowers chiang mai flower festival
Flowers carved of vegetables 

pumpkin and watermelon carving flower parade
Watermelon and pumpkin carving

The Zero kilometer. Thailand starts from here

After watching the parade we went to Wat Prasingh Temple to see Khun Narata carving. Khun is a well known carving artist and teacher. That day she had a carving class at the temple area in the shadow of  the  buddhist garden trees. What a great idea of having classes in a such pleasant place! I was invited to try myself in carving frangipani flowers out of soap.  

carving class khun narata thailand
With Khun Narata 

how to carve soap
Girls carving soap flowers

how to carve frangipani flowers in soap
Frangipani soap carving in a process, carved with the thai knife

soap carving flowers
Frangipani flowers in person and in soap

I left the girls at the carving and went for a cultural dose. The temple was beautiful with lot of dragon sculptures (we saw its copy at the Flower Parade). I did some things for good luck in the temple, took some pictures, had a talk with a buddhist monk (he started it, not me :)), tried local food with delicious fried stuff. 

Dragon statues in the Chiang Mai temple

Buddhists care for flora and fauna

After the carving lesson Khun gave me a lift to a Thai restaraunt, we had a dinner for 4 friends there. The food, a   famous thai recipe and more pictures will come up in my next post!

Khun's motobike. It was my first ride on a motobike! Was scary at first :)

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