Taro Vase and Pumpkin Flowers. Evening Bangkok Sightseeing

>>  2/19/2013

Bangkok, Thailand
February 2013

Carving lessons at Malisa school

Chiang Mai-Bangkok train had a late arrival to the city. I had no time for seeing China Town in the morning as planned, I run to the carving school (jumped to my hotel for quick freshening after train). 

At the lesson I had a Taro root for carving. I have never seen it before, it was a new material to carve. Taro is good for sculpting. Here is a small vase with rose carving on it.

taro vegetable sculpture
Shaping a vase out of Taro.  It was a small root

vase carved of taro
Completed vase carved of Taro

taro sculpting method
Taro root

thai carving pumpkin flower
Pumpkin flower

I wanted to share pictures of Bangkok suburbs made through the train window, but couldn't take good photographs because of the concrete pillars along the railway.

impossible to take good pictures of Bangkok suburbs because of the  pillars

These pillars are parts of a big construction of a new line for Sky Train in Bangkok. The line was canceled by the goverment, and the construction will be removed shortly (or not). Citizens call it 'Thai Stonehenge'.

new sky train line
Thai Stonehenge, the picture shared by Taweesak, a train companion of mine

I had good companions in the train, Thai guys, bicyclists, coming back from Chiang Mai cycling trip.
I have never been alone while my Thailand trip :) Of couse we are connected on Facebook now :)

with Taweesak, the train companion. Thank you, my friend! Good to know you.

Oh, I have one picture, it's Monkey Town 

After my lessons at Malisa school I went to the city. Got China Town in the evening about 6 p.m. when its streets got empty already, only mad cats walking.

in China Town

china town streets
Retro car in China Town  (?)

I was not in mood to go ahead with the district sightseeing, I turned myself to Siam Paragon, a huge complex with shops, entertaining spots, food courts, Siam Ocean World and Imax cineplex (that was my aim).
Have I mentioned cinema is my passion? I booked 'Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters' 4DX (the effects were  good, they had a few scary bloody scenes brrr).

cool car show in Siam Paragon center

Siam Paragon in lighting

Next post will show up the soap carving of new Malisa's design, new carving friends of mine and.. cats in Bangkok. Read all my Thai stories here.

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Kathleen Richardson February 20, 2013 at 10:23 AM  

The taro root is fascinating and you turned it into a masterpiece. I'm intrigued, too, by the pumpkin flower and having been trying to figure out how you did it!

Selena Ze Arteest February 20, 2013 at 10:41 PM  

@Kathleen, the carving techique for the pumpkin flowers was not complicated. The difficulty was the small size of the peaces. On the photo the flowers are taken on an ashtray. Tiny carving is a style of Malisa school.

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