Pokemon Melon Ice cream Cups

>>  8/27/2011

Yesterday I went to local market and stumbled across baby melons. Tiny melons were so cute and sweet so I could not help buying them. I had no idea what I were going to do with them. Eat or craft?

Melon crafting was spontaneous ^-^.  The Monster jumped out of my pocket and said Ham-Ham. He was hungry. He ate my ice cream. And jam. And the rest of orange.. Oh my..

Melon Cup in a shape of Pokemon (Pocket Monster)
Cute ice cream dessert garnish

Take a baby melon, cut a lead off and clean out of seeds.

Cut a small apple in quarters and make ears. Pin the ears to the melon lead with toothpicks.

Take a baby carrot and cut off two slices for the monster eyes. Toothpicks help to fix it.

Fill the melon cup with ice cream. Close lead up. If you want to have Pokemon mouth open adjust the lead with a toothpick.

Cute Melon Cup With A Bow

Clean up a baby melon the same way as the Monster cup. Fill the melon cup with ice cream, garnish with chocolate Crispy Sticks. Slice an orange, cut in four and pin the orange quarters to the melon lead to make a cute bow.

Love me, feed me, never leave me
animated Gif is made at gickr.com

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