How I Do Design For VIDA Collection

>>  7/19/2017

It's midnight. Drops of paint on the floor. I am doing designs for VIDA.

I do design for myself. I want this clutch with eco-print!

Design For VIDA

Painting, drawing, planting, carving, photographing, I joined them all in my VIDA collection

There are so much joy about creating the collection, because I can't simply take my sit and put paints on paper. I go to a forest to collect leaves, flowers, seed, thinking what kind of prints they can make on paper. 

leaf print for fabric design

I picked up the best-looking designs for the clothes and bags which you may want to ware this summer.

my VIDA collection
The leaf makes an interesting print. It was picked up for the collection design.

My VIDA Collection With The Prints

This clutch with the plant prints is the most-desired item for me. 
This "Lil June" clutch is in my VIDA collection. FREE SHIPPING on the first order.

Clutch for my VIDA collection

Have a look inside the bag

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