Food Art And Fashion?

>>  7/10/2017

I am a person who say "YES" to the new opportunities. 

When I was approached by VIDA, a global design company, with an invite to combine my art with fashion, I concluded they might be daring and innovative ones. What? Wearing a fruit buffet image in your clothing?  Wait, I do different arts. Maybe I can come up with my paintings and floral designs? 

VIDA is a San Francisco based, well-doing start-up ventured by Google, providing digital printing on fabric with using original art pieces of photographers, artists, sculptors and crafters. The company's CEO has a big dream for improving lives of the artists and factory workers who produce the fabric and clothing.
The idea of bringing together the art and commerce looks very attractive.

My First Collection

I sent some paintings to design studio to figure out if we could match. And BINGO, my rose painting designs were approved. My first collection of soft pillows has been launched on ShopVida website!
Some of my Net friends and test group have received the collection announcement. So I could get a feedback.

This all made me want to create a summer collection  done specially for VIDA, with bags, clutches and scarves.

Now I am working on a collection based on my fruit carving sketches which I do for watermelon carvings and fruit sculptures. I am so excited to see what my hand can draw.

It Is Time For Fruit Chic Fashion

I did some fruit paintings for the Summer Collection and got them printed on the bags and clutches. It will become an amazing and playful addition to your look. I sure these designs will suit a woman in any place in the world from Sidney to New York and from Siberia to Brasilia.

Accessorize with this bag for a statement look that turns heads and sparks conversations - around town or across the world. 

VIDA gives free shipping on the first order and varoius promotions each month and on holidays. Take your chance to shop the uniquely designed accessories for a good price.

Custom Orders

If you want me create a special design for you, I am ready to do that. Feel free to e-mail me or send a message to Facebook account. I am open for creating on custom orders, dealing with buyers and shops, and I am also open for collaborating with the other VIDA designers on making "guest" collections, supporting items or whatever your idea is.

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