The Peony Kiss - Ikebana Sogetsu Lessons Book 5

>>  7/12/2017

peony ikebana composition
The Peony Kiss 

What seems to me special about Ikebana Sogetsu is how the plant materials are arranged in a vase  in incredible positions.
There is a system of crossed and splitted stems that allows the branches lay in a certain way.

The flower's stems are shorten for this securing technique.  That makes the total look of composition floating in air.

I called the arrangement "The Peony Kiss", not just because I love the flowers, but also for the blessing of my Floral Angel and inspiration sent to my way for creating this. 

ikebana sogetsu lessons book 5

The other composition makes the vertical line with the same wood branch. The branch with a mass on the top like the one on the photo will fall down from this position when simply put in a vase. The secure system makes the impossible things possible. 

These Ikebana compositions with peony show how how to arrange heavy flowers in a tall vase.

Made at our Ikebana class, Ikebana lesson Book 5.

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peony ikebana composition

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