Birthday Fruit Display For 10 Year Girl With A Vegetable Parrot Sculpture

>>  5/31/2013

happy birthday fruit display with garnishes
Fruit display for 10 year old girl's birthday party

Fruit display with a carved watermelon and small parrots carved out of daikon.

This display was sent to a birthday party of 10 year old girl. Her mother asked me for a pair of vegetable parrot sculptures to garnish the watermelon. I think the girl keeps some real birds at home.

Watermelon 2.5 kg with 'Happy Birthday' inscription (in Russian)
Flowers carved out of daikon, green bell pepper and carrot
Parrots out of daikon

Fruit plate:
black and green grape,
Minneola madarines,
Bird cherry,
red apple

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fruit garnish made in apple and kiwi
Fruit garnish details, exotic flower (kiwi and red apple)

happy birthday watermelon carving
'Happy Birthday' inscription (in Russian) in the watermelon

birthday fruit carving display
The whole look of the fruit display
with fruit and vegetablecarving decoration

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Shirley Tay June 1, 2013 at 11:37 PM  

Gosh, the daiko parrots are gorgeous! Wish I've a friend who can carve something for my birthday :)

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