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>>  6/18/2011

Download my fruit carving files for free!

 Vegetable Bell Pepper Flower, a step-by-step tutorial for carving a flower of bell pepper. 

Exotic Flower With Fruits (orange and apple). I made this tutorial for "Yuzhno City" magazine. It is in Rusian and English languages. The orange flower with apple leaves is a very popular mini decoration that I use for Cornucopia and in other cases. PDF file, 3.2 Mb

Fruit Snowman (watch online). 2 Apples and 1 carrot are needed to make this fabulous Christmas fruit sculpture. Enjoy fruit crafting with your kids. The first time I made the Fruit Snowman demo was the New Year Exhibition in 2009. I had a great success then. MP3 wma file, Russian/English subtitle

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