Fruit Basket and Watermelon Drama

>>  6/05/2012

Sometime it happens. You can't forecast the situation untill you start carving a watermelon. 

Early morning I have been carving a watermelon for a fruit basket. I was about to finish it when I found out that the design ruined down. The watermelon was hollow inside. There was a hole in place of the flower! Terrible sigh!
The most terrible thing was the time limitation. The basket had to be done in a couple of hours. The watermelon was the main part of the display! I was about to panic. 

I had nothing to do but buying a new one. I went to 24 hours food store and... got stressed again. No watermelons! No one! My broken watermelon seemed to be the last watermelon that day. 

The broken watermelon
weight 2 kg, price 10$

"Ok, no tears" I said to myself. I grabbed a proper melon and run to carve it.
The final display looked pale with the melon. I added red fruits for the color balance.

Fruit basket with the melon

That was the first time I totally spoiled a carving work. Frankly speaking I was not ready for that.
Practise your carving skils with professional carving tools!

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