Budget Fruit Display

>>  6/14/2012

Sometime I am asked by customers to make fruit displays on budget. This time it was urgent work. I was given by a set of fruits to make a quick display for children. 

I got:
1 small watermelon 
2 oranges
3 apples
3 kiwi
some black and green grapes.

I made apple flowers and zig-zag kiwi and oranges. Zig-zag cut method was really in help here (it's the quick and on-budget method :)). Apple flower is also a good choice for a budget display because you can make 2 flowers from one apple. I arranged apple flowers bouquet on a watermelon vase using wooden sticks.

As for tools, the set of 3 carving knives is perfect here.

Apple flowers bouquet in a watermelon vase

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Sadaf Afshan June 14, 2012 at 7:28 AM  

Lovely.......even your simplest arrangements are wonderful.

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