Fruit Carving Arrangements at CityMall Trading Center Anniversary

>>  11/17/2010

CityMall is the biggest trading center on the Far East of Russia with the location in Yuzhno Sakhalinsk city. On the 13th of November there were 1 year since the center opening. In honor of this significant date many recreative activities have been taken that day. One of them was the culinary show with culinary quize games, fruit carving displays exibition and carving class for kids.

CityMall logo made from candies, watermelon with IgraMIX playground logo and cute fruit animals.
At the carving class I have shown how to make a bear from orange and a rabbit from a green apple.
At the end of the day the rabbit has got his marmalade ear bitten off.

Carved watermelon with Happy Birthday inscription. Bouquet from fresh vegetables.

Fruit cake display

Fruit carving arrangements awaiting for the first visitors

Yellow candy bouquet to birthday

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