Peacock From a Melon

>>  11/04/2010

This lesson was made for my carving class.

To make a peacock like this one you take a melon, some grapes and an orange. A regular knive is the only tool you need for carving it.

Scratch a melon in a shape of your bird and cut it out.

Make feathers with a bamboo skewer and some grapes and orange slice. Insert feathers into the melon to complete a peacock train.

Set your bird in a garden. Make flowers from a pepper and callas from cabbage.

This post about the Melon Peacock is participating in the Artsy-Craftsy-December-2010 Challenge

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Merut November 4, 2010 at 10:07 AM  

I love all of your step-by-step pictures. That is one tasty and colorful peacock!

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