Pumpkin Lights

>>  9/10/2009

Do you do pumpkin lights for Halloween only? 

I carve pumpkins every time when I get one to my hands. I can't miss the amazing season of the Fall festivals, harvest fairs and Halloween. The baby pumpkins are my favorite materials. I hunt for them at the local farmer markets or at my mom's garden, and sometimes bring them from the other countries (huh, that sounds like a pumpkin addiction).

These lights were my very first try of carving pumpkins. To do this I picked up dark green pumpkins of a size right of a candle to set inside.

The baby pumpkins are soft, easy and fast to work with. For your first pumpkin designs you may want to choose simple tattoo images as a scorpion, Hard Rock's heart, flowers and any suitable patterns
Silly faces and Moon cat are the must-have images for Halloween along with a spider on the net and all of "Boo" and "Spooky".
You will quickly turn a few small pumpkins to the lights in an hour.

Enjoy your pumpkin carving together with your family members. Remember to take photographs of yours with pumpkins to save remembrances of the wonderful time you spent together.

pumpkin lights of baby pumpkin
Pumkin lights of the baby pumkins

Designs For Pumpkin Lights

Scorpion pumpkin light, a tattoo image 
scorpion pumpkin light

A simple patterrn can be drawn on the pumpkin 

easy halloween project

A traditional Jack-O-Lantern looks perfect on baby pumpkins

A silly face pumpkin pattern

sily face pumpkin pattern

Use tattoo srencils to carve pimpkin lights

Bewitched pumpkin pattern

bewitched pumpkin carving

These two lines make a cat figure. 
I think it is a great looking pattern for carving pumpkin

the best looking patterns for pumpkins

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