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>>  7/01/2009

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I have often been asked by people in my class about using carving centerpieces in a routine life. I am told 'OK, I learned how to make such beautiful things, but how can I use them to garnish food on my plate? On your website I can see a lot of garnishes but without food ideas'.

I absolutely agree with the statement. Food is primary and garnishes are just an accent dedicated to present food nicely.
In this blog I have sections about easy garnishes, drink garnishes and fruit carving arrangements. Read this blog if you want to get idea about daily food decorating and then 'Easy Garnish' is your section. Read this blog if you want to go further and get ideas how to make fruit and vegetable carving arrangements for buffet table and other display exhibitions. Read this blog if you are looking for ideas about family entertaiment and time with kids and then YouTube Video Section could be also in help.

I would be glad to recive your feedback. Feel free to ask and comment.

And back to the topic. I would like to represent you my video "Culinary Art Every Day" with garnishing techniques and nice food pictures.

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creativenimi January 22, 2010 at 11:05 PM  

Very Impressive. Commendable work indeed.

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