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>>  5/07/2009

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On March I was invited to Japanese Club to give a class on fruit and vegetable carving. A room was provided by Ancor Hotel. I got a hall with comfortable desks, good lighting and a big magnetic board. Later I found that the board was not big enough and I was not able to arrange all my photographs for the thai carving presentation on it. Or I likely have had too many photographs.

We were about fithteen. The Club members and two japanese representatives Nasu-san the Japanese Center Director and Keiko-san a music teacher and japanese language tutor. After the presentation I was asked for some practice.

Two and a half hours trainig made us impassioned and a little bit happier ))

A blonde from the left is Olga. She was my Japanese classmate.

Second from the left Keiko-san, a japanese language tutor and a teacher in a music school.

A man wearing a blue shirt is Boris. Hi is a cap of our bowling team. Boris is indulging with carving a flower out of carrot.

The consequences of our meeting

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Anonymous ,  July 22, 2010 at 7:07 AM  

What happens after the carving? do you eat the fruit?
When will you be in london?

Selena Ze Arteest July 22, 2010 at 6:03 PM  

@Anonymous Usually we take all carvings home after the class. If it's done for a party it is up to the guests, you can eat it or take it out.

I don't plan to go to London now. Should I? :0)

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