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>>  5/09/2009

This blog is made to support my food garnish projects which I make in Russian. They are, Culinary Art And Food Garnish website (has a Russian and an English page), Studio Of Fruit Carving Art And Vegetable Design (Russian only).

For two years of blogging about food garnishes I have cut many vegetables and fruits, gathered lot of pictures and methods and made some video. I am happy to meet people worldwide enjoying the art of food garnishing like I do. The GarnishFood blog is a place where you will find my works and instructions from different carving projects of mine.

If you have no possibility to read my russian websites, follow the GarnishFood blog. The easiest way to get prompt updates is subscribing via e-mail

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Since English is not my native language some grammar mistakes can happen in the blog. If it is an eyesore to you please do not hesitate to inform me of the case. I am always open to discuss both grammar and carvings. My e-mail can be found in the Contact Bar.

I hope we will enjoy the GarnishFood blog togeter.

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