Christmas Tree Made With Potatos

>>  12/19/2016

What is this?

christmas tree with vegetable

This is my Christmas tree made for the city Christmas Trees Event.

I used potatos and cocktail straws to build this art object.

Why potatos? Because this is my style.

Got a diploma and a gift certificate to a Spa

I am interviewed by a local media

caring for the tree

"Why potatos? How did you come to this idea?"

"Well, this is my style. I like working with the live materials. A month ago I did some decorating works, and been asked to create something special with using potatos. Then I created the potatos modules and used them for the table flower centerpieces. I thought that the construction units could be a cool idea for building the other objects. So I gave it a try, and here is the Christmas tree."

weird christmas tree

6 hours of work. 6 kilos of potatos. More than 200 straws used.

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