Japanese Art In A Russian Samovar. Ikebana Show

>>  9/04/2014

japanese art in russian samovar
In this blog post I continue the story of a unique Ikebana Event held in Yuzhno City, Sakhalin island (my homeland) in August 2014.
The Ikebana Event was brighten up with a live show given by the five teachers from Hokkaido, Japan. Nobody of us expected that, instead of vases,  the masters took Russian samovars to make the Ikebana arrangements in. It was really surprising. We all were taken up by the show awaiting the complete piece of art.
One of the teachers commented that making greenery arrangement in the samovar was a challenging task because of the shape and inner surface of the pot. The teachers loved the idea so much and they could not resist it. There was a message of friendship and strong relationship between our islands.
See the pictures of the Show below, click it for a bigger size.
I also like to add that the Event of the culture exchange was organized by Sakhalin government. The Show was held in Santa Resort Hotel, which recently became a residence of a local Ikebana community. The hotel supports the floristic activity and provides space for open air installations.
All classes and the Show were free with no entrance fee.
at the hotel holl

masters at work
Russian samovar instead of a vase

a completed arrangement

I like the color and the flowers combination in this arrangement

It is going to be a big installation

thank you for watching ))
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