Gangster Theme Wedding Decoration

>>  9/12/2014

Chicago Gangster theme wedding, August 2014
The event was decorated with two fruit displays.
The first photo is a large fruit platter with a beautiful arc of fruits and flowers carved out of vegetables. A watermelon has a gangster couple image carved in it's skin.

chicago gangster theme wedding

The second fruit display went to a head table and it was a fruit basket. To add a gangster detail I carved bullet holes in the watermelon and set Ace four of a kind on top. The playing cards are carved of red apple and egg plant.

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gangster theme wedding decor

wedding head table decor with fruits

watermelon fruit basket
Gangster theme fruit basket for a head table decoration


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Radhika September 13, 2014 at 9:51 PM  

Beautiful Decoration.. soo lovely..

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