Valentine 3D Chocolate Hearts

>>  1/27/2013

I am sorry for the mistakes in my previous post about Snow White watermelon. I appologize for making you confused with my English writing. Thanks to Kathleen (Step by step in the kitchen), the article was corrected! 

What is new in my kitchen? Oh, I am preparing for Valentine Day. Would like to present new chocolate hearts made in 3D Love silicone mold.

3D lekue chocolate hearts
3D Chocolate Hearts and Wonder Tree

If you have Lekue 3D Love Mold  let's play with it! 

You will need:
dark chocolate
white, pink or any colorful chocolate

Melt pink chocolate and fill the small heart cells.
Melt white chocolate abd fill the medium size heart cell.
Put the mols aside to let the chocolate harden.

Demold the chocolate hearts. Insert the pink small heart in the medium size cell, the medium chocolate to be placed in the big size cell. When the hearts move is done, you need to melt the dark chocolate and fill the cells around the white and pink hearts. 

lekue silicone 3d love mold
Move small chocolate details into bigger cells and fill with dark chocolate

Demold the harden chocolate details. Build 3D heart with two parts.

chocolate hearts for valentine day
Build 3D heart with two details

valentine day chocolate dessert idea
3D chocolate bicolor heart 

Use Wonder Tree for your romantic food presentation.
Check out other 3D chocolate ideas

valentine day food presentation
Idea for valentine day's food presentation.
Wonder tree and  bicolor chocolate heart

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