Update on The Samsung Global Blogger Contest

>>  5/22/2012

I have good news!
I passed through the Samsung Global Blogger audition contest to the second round!
First of all I thank all my readers and friends for watching and supporting me in this activity.

Now I am on my second task with making a report about a sport event in my hometown.
You can watch my video report here at the SGB page

http:// samsungglobalblogger .r u.msn.com/videos/3867

The video will be judged by a team of the independent judges, but you can yet help them to pick up a best one by supporting the participant :))

A video report should meet the following criteria:
i. News sense - have they told the story well and effectively? Have they aimed it at the right audience? Have they taken an interesting angle?
ii. Good presenting skills - exhibiting a passion for the subject matter, confidence and energy in front of the camera and a sense of what looks good on camera
iii. The skill exhibited in producing the video, including elements such as location choice, camera skills, etc.
iv. Editing skills - length of video, pace, use of voiceover, etc.

After watching my video I understood that I MUST go to London to improve my accent to sound more british :)

I would be happy to get your opinion about the video. Critic is welcome as well. 


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CJ - Food Stories May 26, 2012 at 11:04 AM  

Excellent News ... Major Congrats!

Samsung Galaxy S3 June 20, 2012 at 3:26 AM  

This is pretty exciting! Hope you guys have fun there! LUCKY !

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