Soap Carving Class in Tokyo

>>  10/16/2011

I have written before about my melon carving class in Tokyo. This time I'd like to share my soap carving experience. 

I am so thankful to my carving teacher in Japan, Mrs.Miho Morita, for accepting me for a soap carving class. Miho-sensei (sensei is a japanese word for a teacher) is a famous carving artist in Japan. Last year her student won a gold medals in the soap carving contest.  I think I am so lucky to become one of her students. 
Mrs.Miho Morita has a blog in English

Miho-sensei has an unigue carving manner. Her soap works are incredibly fine. At the class I've choosen a diffiicult butterfly design with tiny details. We spent two hours carving it. That was challenging!  

Original butterfly soap by Miho Morita sensei

My work

Inspite of the fact that my soap carving was far from being perfect I have got a valuable experience and learned some things:

  • I've got an idea on how to build a complicated design
  • I've learned a tricky knife motion (should be more practised)
  • I feel more confident now in making difficult thing.
At home I tried to use new skills in making a bird soap:

The work of mine. A bird carved in a soap bar.
Japanese soap is soft and has a pleasant perfume smell

I have other soaps in progress. Will show them up as far as they are completed.

Read more stories about my fruit carving adventures on Japan:
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Few pictures of Miho Morita soap carving

I'd like to show some beautiful works of Miho Morita.

Butterfly soap carving with the tiny tricky details, carved by Miho-sensei

Soap carving arrangement, made by Miho-sensei

After the class I met my Sakhalin friend at the appointed place and we went for a walk to Sensoji Temple located at Asakusa district. Sensoji is a must for Tokyo sightseeing. That is a Buddhist complex with a temple, pagoda and a garden. 

There are O-mikuji boxes at the temple area. O-mikuji is a fortune prediction based on a random choice. Last year I drew out my mikuji and it promised me a poor fortune about my plans. As I understood later that was a true prediction. This year I have new plans and a better fortune for them :)

Gate to Sensoji Temple

At the temple area you will find many gift stores. It is called Nakamise street. They sell sweets, gifts, kimono, food and other nice things. Sensoji is not just a famous tourist spot, this is a beloved place by japanese people too. Step aside of Nakamise street and you get Geisha City. As we were explaned Geisha City was a name for a restaurant and eating house zone in Edo age. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Nakamise street, inside a gift shop

Night veiw of Pagoda

Night view of the gate to Sensoji Temple

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Maki October 18, 2011 at 11:06 PM  

Hi,I'm Maki, live in Tokyo.
Thank you for coming Japan.
Your soaps are gorgeous!
Please come again Tokyo.

Selena Ze Arteest October 19, 2011 at 1:02 AM  

Hi Maki, thanks you. I would like to go to Tokyo more times in future.

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