Tall Arrangement With Watermelons

>>  4/19/2011

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Wedding fruit arrangement with two watermelons and a vegetable bouquet on the top.
The restaurant hall was decorated in red and white colours so the arrangement was created to harmonize the interior and a wedding cake.

Tall vase made from watermelons.
Fruit and vegetable carving for wedding

Vegetable bouquet on the top of the watermelon vase.
Anturium from red pepper and the roses from small green squash

Back side of the watermelon arrangement.
Romantic design carved on the watermelons makes the wedding fruit arrangement

I used the following fruits and vegetable:

One large and one small watermelons for the tall vase,
2 red peppers and a carrot for the anturiums,
2 small green squashes for the roses,
2 chinese cabbage for the chrysanthemum,
1 red apple for the apple carving
1 kilo grapes

3 hours of work

Triangle carving tool set


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simply.food April 20, 2011 at 2:16 AM  

Absolutely amazing can'ttake my eyes off it.Its beautiful.

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Amazing and i really like it. Thanks for sharing.

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