Live Class 'New Year Fruit Arrangement'

>>  12/28/2015

new year fruit arrangement japanese style
The symbols of the arrangement:
lime for bamboo,
apple fans for the fan
pomegranates for Daruma eyes.

In December 2015 I participated in Ikebana exhibition in Yuzhno city. It was a New Year themed floral event with many wonderful ikebana arrangements made in traditional Japanese style. I gave a Live show how to make a fruit arrangement using the traditional colors of new year ikebana Kadomatsu.
Limes symbolize bamboo, pomegranates imitate Daruma eyes and apple carving in a shape of fan means paper red fan usually added to the traditional new year Ikebana arrangements.
Watch the video of my class where I show how to arrange the fruit Ikebana.


The exhibition's display of mine, with cabbage and flowers.

Ikebana arrangement with vegetables

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