Be Magical. Christmas Crafts

>>  12/11/2011

Well, it's time for Christmas crafting.
I hope you remember the pumpkin snowman I made in November? At that time I said it was a long-play craft. Now I am going to dress him up for a New Year costume party (in Russia we use a word 'masquerade' for a new year costume party. In all other cases we say a "costume party" :)). I made some accessory for my pumpkin buddies.

Pumpkin Buddy is Back in Town!

The pimpkin snowman got a Santa Claus look.
Can you see the yellow pumpkin a floor down at the photo? He is still alive!

Christmas craft. Snowman wearing a Santa hat

I had more pumpkins left from my Halloween crafts. I've decided to make more snowmen with them.

White pumpkins stored in the box

Apply some sewing skills and imagination
And Voila!

Snowmen brigade

Be Magical!

Pumpkin snowman in a costume of a Magician

Magical Snowman in a tophat and a cape

Countryside Snowman

The Snowman will be OK in cold winter nights.

Snowman in a hat and scarf

I am looking forward for Christmas to set them down by our new year tree!

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Sachin Kate December 16, 2011 at 9:00 AM  

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Selena Ze Arteest December 17, 2011 at 3:15 AM  

Hi Sachin Kate, thanks for the posting about me. I read your blog too :)

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