Baked Banana & Ice cream Dessert For Drivers

>>  7/14/2011

The "Drivers" dessert was inspired by a baked banana recipe what I have found on a new cooking service I have never tasted a baked banana before, so then I saw an original recipe of grilled bananas with milk chocolate in Jam Hands blog I understood I should give it a try. 

To make a "Drivers" Dessert you need:

  • baked banana with chocolate,
  • ice cream,
  • any syrup,
  • garnishes form pear and apple in a shape of gear-wheels and traffic signs (like the one in the Lightning McQueen watermelon project).

How to bake bananas with chocolate

For 2 persons I took 2 bananas and a kind of chocolate we use for a chocolate fountain. Slit banana in half  and stuff it with chocolate. Bake for 5-7 minutes. 

While I had my bananas baking I took a time to make fruit garnishes.

Gear-wheel garnish from a pear

you need a thai knife and an apple corer

cut a pear off  and make it round. 

use an apple corer to thirl the pear item in the center

create a gear-wheel design in the pear item using a thai knife
Serve a dessert

Ripe some syrup in the bottom of the dessert bowl. Add ice cream and hot baked bananas. Fill the bowl in with ice cream and garnish the dessert with a pear gear-wheels and some berries ( I used honeysuckle from my mother garden ;))

Gear-wheels carved in a pear

The important note: eat the dessert immediately while the chocolate is melt down and the ice cream is frozen. Mmm.. yum-yum

Greasy road traffic sign carved in apple

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These garnishes are really pretty and the desserts look really scrumpticious.Do send this entry to create n carve event July.

MerryJohnson July 26, 2011 at 6:42 AM  

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