Clay Dolls

>>  6/06/2010

Today I attended a clay modeling lesson organized by our Japanese Club for its members. Mrs.Kiryukhina, a famous Sakhalin artist, taught us to work with clay. We have been making traditional Russian clay dolls. It was my first time of clay modeling. I can say it is fairly a relaxing and pleasant work. Mud makes your fingers sensitive. You feel mud as alive substance. 

I took some pictures from the lesson.
This is the working place. Mud, wet cloth, a wheel and wooden sticks.

The doll of mine. It's wearing a russian woman cap and holding a bread and salt in hands. Front and backside views.

Traditionally Ladies can hold a baby or animals (chicken, goose, pig, cat). Below pictures are the works of people from my group:

Dancing Ladies:

The taller doll is created by Vladimir, the only man in the group today.

All together in the circle. Dolls are done. They are going to be dryed for 2 months. And then they will be set into fire. In the end of August we will get us all together to burn our dolls.

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