Three Wedding Parties at a Time

>>  8/09/2009

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The day I have decorated a wedding party with vegetable carving arrangement was rich for weddings. After finishing with the decorating in the cafe I took a walk to my favorite place in the town. It's an observation deck on the 10th floor of Mega Place Hotel. 4 stars Mega Palace hotel is considered to be the best hotel in Yuzhno. I love the city view from it roof. Green hills and the lake, the city park with cafe and strolling people from one side and the streets and buildings and Susunai Valley veiw from other side of the deck.

I was sitting on the deck when I saw a wedding limousine passing by and beeping. The car was decorated with white flowers and swans on a bamper.

I looked around and noticed another wedding car parked by hotel.

I turned on my camera just in case and came down. The round hall on the 10th floor was engaged for the wedding party. It was a romantic place with a transparate roof and stars and the moon might be visible through it in nights. The restaurant hall was awaiting guests and the personnel were puting the finishing strokes.

This is a fire extinguisher in the hall

I came down to lobby and found it crowd and noisy. The white limousine brought a couple and something was going on there.

Women in traditional russian dresses were singing and greeting the couple. The bride wrote her maiden name on a baloon and let it fly away saying goodby to her single life.

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amy August 20, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

Oh wow, that was really beautiful, huh!

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