Garden Lantern Of Pumpkin. The Fall Craft Project

>>  9/12/2015

pumpkin lantern for garden

If you have a small green pumpkin or a large squash  you can turn it into a nicely looking lantern.
The lantern consist of 2 parts, they are a lantern body in a tube shape and a cone top.

Clean out the tube body.
Carve a pattern imitating a garden lantern.
Use the squash end part for the top. Clean out this part too and make a hole on top to let the candle's heat go out.
Decorate the top part with some simple cuts made with the U or V knives.

Build a lantern by bringing the body and the top together.
To light up the lantern take off the top, place a fire (candle) inside the body and bring the top detail back.
Be sure that you left a hole to let the heat out.

Enjoy fall crafting!

Tools used in the project:
U and V knives to decorate a top detail
Thai knife to carve a parten
Paring knife to cut vegetable
Melon baller to clean out pumpkin and squash

autunm project pumpkin craft

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