Disney Themed Food Idea. Apple Carving Gifts

>>  9/10/2015

fruit gifts disney themed apples

Two dozens of the cute Disney themed apples made a kids party in the playschool.
I carved more than 20 images of the different characters, they are Winny the Pooh, Stich, Mickey, Pumba, Olaf, Minion and the others.
Each apple is packed into a plastic wrap to be prevented from browning and then into a gift wrap.

aplle carving party gifts idea
Disney themed apple carving gifts

disney party food idea
Apples are packed and ready to be gifted

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Fruit Sculptures: New Ideas 2014, Photo Album

Photo album with new ideas for fun fruit sculptures and Baby Shower's fruit platters. Fruit models of Gummi Bears, Giraffe, Teddy Bear, Minion, Thomas the Tank Engine, Mickey Mouse, 9 sculptures in total with description of materials to use.
Written in English and Russian languages. PDF Download
Price: $4.75


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Radhika September 11, 2015 at 2:20 AM  

Wow they are soo cute Selena. . :)

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