Ikebana Arrangement With Thai Spirit

>>  6/16/2015


thai ikebana show
Floral Ikebana arrangement with Thai spirit

Happy to share my floral arrangement made for the latest Ikebana show in Yuzhno city.

This arrangement is special to me because there is a story and a memory behind it. The arrangement is a complex of three different cultures as Japanese (Ikebana art), Thai (fruit carving and Thai lantern) and Russian (my personality and my mind). It is a mix of minds, it's a path I enjoy to walk now.

In this arrangement I've focused on the Thai component. Together with the carved apples I have used a Thai lantern with a Bodhi tree. I brought this lantern from Bangkok when I was on carving art study in Malisa school. In the arrangement, the lantern is a symbol of Thai, it is a temple of Thai. It is a temple of ART. More, we show our souls by arts.  I want visitors to feel this deep message.

More photographs from the show on Facebook. Don't miss guessgames on my Facebook page!

floral ikebana arrangement show

interview for ASTV

Our teacher and a head of Sakhalin Ikebana School Mrs.Alexandra Kudryashova came to Sakhalin from Sochi (where Alexandra-sensei is residing now) to make the show. Was so great to study and to work with our beloved teacher again.

together with teacher Alexandra Kudryashova and Ikebana group

Sakhalin Study Group of Sogetsu Ikebana School, signed by Akane Teshigahara

More beauty from the Show

floral arrangement sakhalin russia

ikebana sogetsu russian sakhalin

ikebana show 2015

sogetsu ikebana sakhalin

floral and natural materials arrangements

ikebana floral arrangement show

alexandra kudryashova ikebana show 2015

sakhalin ikebana school

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Lovely and beautiful luxury bed linen, I love them...

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