Sweet Tower With Berries

>>  4/04/2014

Dear Reader,

In my blog you have seen different types of towers made of fruits, macaronies and sweets. 

My latest tower creation is a mix of fruits and baking. To be precise it is a mix of berries and baking.
This tower looks like a real cake garnished with different berries. The largest berry in here is a watermelon.
The tower's layers are decorated with bisquits covered with white icing.

This display was designed for a  45 year old woman's birthday party which was a Berry Theme Party. It was a challenging work because I had a task to present nicely the berries as strawberry, red currant, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and watermelon. I had no better idea than the cake tower.

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berry theme party table decoration
Cake tower with bisquits and berries
The inscription in watermelon shares a popular russian saying that in the age of 45 a woman has a second youth and she is good again as a berry.

Age of 50 is considered as Golden Age for both male's and female's birthdays. See a fruit display "Golden 50'" .

Asian people celebrate 60 year old birthday. This date is a very important day for them. I often do fruit displays for 60 year old partyies. Usually these events are decorated in golden color here in my city.

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