Vintage Design in Watermelon

>>  8/20/2012

This heart design in watermelon reminds old-fashioned wedding cards. Just imagine a pair of cupids playing around the watermelon for the complete picture. Oh, this is a great idea! I will try to carve angels next time ;)

There are a rose wreath on the watermelon top and my favorite apple carvings. Roses are carved of beet-root. 

Thai knife  for carving roses in watermelon and apple carvings
Knife for removing watermelon skin
U-shape knife for the watermelon edge

vintage wedding watermelon fruit display
Watermelon carving with vintage heart design

fruit decoration design vintage style
Vintage styled fruit display

Today I tryed on a new hairdress with complicated braids. I made a picture series on a mobile phone. I am looking here like my grandma early in life :)

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Kathleen Richardson August 21, 2012 at 12:04 PM  

Selena, your vintage watermelon carving is lovely, as are the photos of you. I like the braid idea. I'm growing my hair out and have thought about the idea of a braid when it's long enough.

Keep writing...

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