How I lost My Voice After Fruit Carving Presentation

>>  6/18/2011

Yes, the accident has happened to me. I lost my voice after fruit carving presentation. 

There was Thursday. I was supposed to make a presentation for teenagers at the summer school. I was going to do a simple class on food garnishing for 10 pupils, but  they actually were 30. As the school teacher said, the kids from my previous group were so excited about the food decoration class, so other pupils got a desire to try it too. Kids brought fruits and vegetables and I could not say "No". We split them up in three groups because I had 10 tool sets only. 

I have been talking for 3 hours. After the second hour I got a sore throat. At the end I felt I got a temprature. When I came back home in the evening my voice turned down. The next day I lost my voice completely. 

That was a first time I lost my voice after talking much. I don't remember if I forced it that day. Kids were quiet while listening to me. But they discussed the things emotionally.

I have been staying at home for 2 days already. Speachless. Disable talking by phone (I have dozens of missed calls). Having treatment.

I'd like to share some pictures from the class that day.

cutting cucumbers

busy with a process

having fun with a cucumber fan

we have made some easy garnishes for  sandwiches

cucumber garnishes demonstration

 a kind of garnish for drink :))

stairs to the space rocket :))

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