Korean Dol Celebration. Fruit Cornucopia and Chocolate Bouquet

>>  3/24/2011

Dol (Tol) celebration is a Korean tradition to celebrate the child's first birthday.  Korean Dol is an important ceremony, it can be very interesting for westerm people. The first time I went to Dol Party was a birthday of my schoolmate's daughter many years ago. There was a first time I saw Doljabee game. 

What's Doljabee?

That is one of the ceremony component, a kind of prediction for the child's life. Actually it looks like a game.  A family prepare a table with different things and items on it. A birthday child sits on the table and picks up objects that attract him.  Each object has a meaning for a life. The child's future is predicted according to the picked items:

thread - long life
rice - prosperity
book, pencil - intelligence
money - wealth

Often the parents add non-traditional things with having thier own meaning.

There is a large Korean diaspora here in Sakhalin. So I am often asked to make a fruit carving arrangement for the Dol Party (1st Birthday Celebration). 

We provide also chocolate fountain, beverage party fountain and giant soap bubble show.

The following chocolate arrangement and fruit Cornucopia are the result of my recent Dol party job.

Check out other Dol party fruit decorations:

Chocolate bouquet with fruit rabbits to the Korean Dol party

'Hello Kitty' Baloon decoration and my candy arrangement for the Dol Celebration

Cornucopia with fruits 

Chocolate fondue fountain and fruit buffet for Dol celebration
Are you ready to party?
Carved melon for Cornucopia arrangement and my Triangle carving tool box

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simply.food March 25, 2011 at 1:59 AM  

This is beautiful .I especially love all the intricate details. Do send the melon carving to create n carve event.

Angie's Recipes March 25, 2011 at 12:12 PM  

Very pretty!They are simply works of art!

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