Picnic Food Garnish

>>  1/18/2010

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My blog post today is about picnic food garnish! I love BBQ all the year round. I love summer picnics with grilled fish cooked by my father and winter picnics with fairy cardinal drink made by my friend. Picnic food is not a simple sandwich. There are plenty of Picnic Food Ideas for BBQ, meat, deserts, hamburgers and cookies what are helpful for kids picnics, romantic, family picnics, gourmet and budget-friendly picnics.

Picnic food garnish should be quick and easy with no special tools requied, but a knife. The best method for picnic food garnish is Mukimono (a japanese method of cutting and food garnishing).

Meet Carrot Knots

1. Slice carrot

2. Make a cut

3. Reverse the slice and make another cut as the photo shows

4. You get "N" letter. Cut it away

5. Hook the ends

6.Carrot Knot is done!

Enjoy easy picnic garnish with me :))

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Simplyfood November 25, 2010 at 1:07 AM  

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