Christmas Food Serving Ideas

>>  12/24/2019

Hello my Friends!

I got inspiration for a few Christmas food serving ideas. They are three different "Christmas trees" snacks as Christmas tree sandwich, snack tower and Christmas tree platter.

 I am happy to show you my new  kitchen toys - a glass piramide for serving appetizers ( and wooden cutting board that I shopped at a local Christmas handmad fair (I felt in love with it. What a girl does need a cutting board to be happy :))

Oh I forgot about a tiny cutter that makes the tiny stars! Remind me to show you the gadget in my next post.

Christmas Tree Platter
Bell pepper, chees stars, olives, walnut, crab fingers.

Christmas tree platter

Christmas Tree Snack Tower (Piramide)
Green green green bell pepper, olives and salad. Yum-yum.

Christmas tree piramide

Christmas Tree Sandwich
Chees, crab fingers, yellow bel pepper and olives. And a slice of bread for the platform.

Christmas tree sandwich

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