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>>  10/17/2015

portrait of rubik's cube

My friends have made a portrait of mine with the Rubik's cubes! It's an amazing piece of art made of 240 cubes just in 3 (!) hours. These guys are awesome with speedcubing.

Konstantin and Tatiana, a young family from Moscow, have a hobby called 'speedcubing'. Their 6 year old daughter is very good in solving the twisting puzzle too. "Art Of Cube" is what they do every Saturday morning with all the family together.

At the end of this post you can watch the video how they did that. They are so talented and genius, a super family!

I got my first Rubik's cube when I suppose I was eleven or twelve. I was keen on brain teasing games, so I was given a lot with the different puzzles and task books by my parents and grandparents. I have had several twisting puzzles like a pyramid, Rubik's cube, a magic snake and labyrinth puzzles. The most difficult task to me  was the Rubik's cube. I have no one to explain me an algorithm. I just randomly twisted the cube and it took me 2 years to solve it somehow one day ))

I am impressed by the skills of the family to do such things. That is super cool!
See how they did that.

rubik's cubes art

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